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What is IPL?

Icon™ Pulsed Light Therapy offers an “intense pulsed light” (IPL) that delivers energy to target and destroy vascular and pigmented lesions. Some of these lesions and conditions include facial, neck, and chest telangiectasias or “broken capillaries” (such as those seen with Rosacea), tan or brown “sun spots” and sun damage on the face, neck, chest, arms, legs and “cherry angiomas” of the face and body. It is also used in combination with non-ablative fractional treatments to help reduce the dark pigmentation seen with Melasma.

IPL is a non-abrasive and non-invasive rejuvenation of your skin that can significantly improve the signs of sun damage, along with the overall appearance of not only your face but also help rejuvenate your hands and body.

What does IPL treat?

Sun Spots

Age Spots




They are flat brown spots that show up on the parts of your skin that have been exposed to the sun.

Once you start getting sunspots, expect them to darken and increase in quantity every time you step out into the sun. Even when the sun rays are coming from your house windows or car windows, it still counts. This happens when there is a focal increase of skin pigment called melanin from the Sun’s UV Exposure.

Sun spots


Age spots are tanned brown spots similar to sunspots except these come from age

Age spots are also known or referred to as liver spots. They vary in sizes and are typically common in ages over 50, but younger people can get them as well. Although they can often seem to appear like cancer spots; true age from these spots are harmless.

Age spots


Rosacea often begins with a tendency to blush or flush more easily than other people. It is a very common in the United States averaging 3 million cases a year. Most cases are seen in woman typically of the middle-aged. The redness can slowly spread to other body parts like the nose and cheeks to the forehead and chin. Even the ears, chest, and back can be red all the time.

Rosacea has four subtypes:

  • Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea: Redness, flushing, visible blood vessels.
  • Papulopustular rosacea: Redness, swelling, and acne-like breakouts.
  • Phymatous rosacea: Skin thickens and has a bumpy texture.
  • Ocular rosacea: Eyes red and irritated, eyelids can be swollen, and the person may have what looks like a sty.

Rosacea on woman face


Broken capillaries is a problem with the small blood vessels They usually appear as marks on the skin that look like streaks. They are commonly known as spider veins because of their spider web shape. Broken capillaries appear close to the skin surface and can be identified by their red or blue color.


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fractional skin rejuvenation

improve and minimize unwanted scars, spots, lines, and more.

The Icon™ Non-Ablative Fractional device generates small beams of light on to selected areas of the skin. These microbeams penetrate the lower layers of the skin and stimulate the synthesis of newer collagen. In addition, the heat energy also stimulates the growth of more elastic fibers. The end result is filling up of the wrinkles with the newer collagen molecules and a skin which is tighter and smoother looking. The most common skin disorders treated with non-ablative fractional include revision of acne scars, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing stretch marks, and decreasing the intensity of melasma (paired with IPL).


improve and minimize of unwanted scars, spots, lines, and more.


If you have some wrinkles, scars, spots, or lines. Laser skin resurfacing might be the way to go to have your skin looking younger, vital, and healthier. Laser skin resurfacing removes the layers of your skin one at a time with exact precision. The end result is filling up of the wrinkles with newer collagen molecules and skin which is tighter and smoother looking.

This treatment is appropriate for men and women of all skin types and skin tones who wish to achieve dramatic results without painful surgery and lengthy recovery times. The most successful laser candidates experience permanent results as the collagen under their skin is regenerated, producing a more youthful complexion.

Post Treatments

  • Some redness, warmth, swelling, or tightness in the treated area, which usually fades within a few hours of treatment.
  • Quick healing process. Generally, you can receive a treatment and go back to work or to other activities with very little recovery time; often people notice positive changes within a few days.
  • A series of treatments at 4 week intervals may be required to achieve the desired results.
  • Your treatment provider will be able to give you more information about Icon™ Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing and expected outcomes.

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