What Does She Offer?

Dr. Craven offers a very unique service in the skin care industry due to her various areas of extensive training. She is an Integrative Medicine Physician who specializes in the comprehensive full body approach to optimal metabolic function and skin health. She has extensive knowledge in nutrition exercise physiology, supplement and herbal therapy. She is also experienced in the aesthetic medical device field. She combines her knowledge to make a comprehensive, successful protocol for anti aging and optimal body health.


Are You Feeling Less Than Your Best?

  • Are you “not yourself” and question if your hormones are off balance?
  • Are you having trouble losing weight
  • Do you have chronic aches and pains, hair loss, temperature fluctuations, lower libido, restlessness, anxiety, sadness, lack of motivation, menstrual concerns, binge eating, cravings, skin conditions, and more?

At Laser Center of Orlando, we have a new exciting service to bring the spark back to your inner and outer self! Dr. Craven will offer one of a kind consults that are the latest in Integrative Health testing, knowledge supplement regimens, and effective, easy to follow treatment plans.